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More QThots , Now 340+ .. The complete log

Just logging all the @QThot at one place.
The number has swelled to 326 now..
Feedback welcome.

1) 1 to 50 here
2) 51 to 100 here
3) 101 to 130 here
4) 131 to 170 here
5) 171 to 220 here
6) 221 to 301 here
302) Whether or not feel obliging, never fail to seem to oblige.

303) Vibe plays under the skin..

304) A #surprise on -
1) day 1 is better than a surprise on day X,
2) 1 day is better than X number of surprises.

305) Choose to live..Choose to love..Love to live..Live to love.

306) Nothing can stop you if you stop for nothing!

307) Want to travel far?
..Reach high
     Spread your wings
..And fly!

308) The key is to re-invent ..

309) Composers have my respect no matter how or what they cook!

310) Nonsense knows no language and understands none!

311)     Either Red or Green,nothing in between!
    Either Black or White,isn't it right?

312) It may prove harmful to push people ahead if you can't see or

don't know what lies in front of them. Give it a #thought.

313)     Love starts as an eternal bliss,
    blossoms and ..
    lives on for a blissful eternity.

314) Any pony -Right money!! Right pony -Any money!!

315) With players all around, we play today a game,
They all are so different,yet seem quite same!
Painted faces in numerous hues, putting rainbows to shame,
The faces of joy ;no caste,creed or name!!

316) Which side you choose, is up to you to decide!
For Sun resides up always, facing the sunny-side!!

चमक भी ऊपर, दमक भी ऊपर, सूरज ऊपर ही रहना है !
तुम क्या चुनते हो-तुम पर है, चुप रहना या कुछ कहना है !!

317) Your pony's win may soothe the eye but certainly suits better to keep an eye on the one who's won!
अपने घोड़े जीतते किसे नहीं भाते ..लेकिन इस खेल में चपल ही सफल होते हैं! गौर करें, नज़र रखें, विजेता से सीखें अवश्य!

318) Someone who can articulate,formulate,calculate,correlate and extrapolate is your STAR!

319) Only if we could think beyond the obvious-
The elitist proposes:The change is good!
The populist ponders:Is it a good change?

320) What you bring to the table is all that matters.It stays on for long after you're gone!

321) Ego is a killer-When good,it pumps you up &kills fear,
When bad,it strains relations you hold or hold you dear!

322) Life's an outgrown teenage where people are always two years younger than yourself..not being able to meet your mature expectation!

323) Deliberate puppetry can make relations last longer if roles exchange as needed-but does it pay if you seek puppets in relationships?

324) Before you resent,why not spend a few moments to ascertain whether 'twas the action or the result that caused the trouble?

325) If you agree to a process, expect it to be lengthy and prepare well.

326) True champions construe efforts into results!

And a few in Hindi which I have tried segregating under HindiWorld


कोई लम्हा जब छूटता सा जाता है..७
मानो दिल बैठता सा जाता है..६
जब कोशिश करो पकड़ने की..५
मुट्ठियों में जकड़ने की..४
न हाथ आएगा..३
चला जायेगा..२

328) कड़वी दवा अक्सर मीठे बताशे में भर कर खिलाई-पिलाई जाती है..असर भी नहीं बदलता और ना ही तासीर!

329) हाँ ना पहले आता है.. ब हा ना बाद आता है..

330) घमंडी होने से ज्यादा हानिकारक घमंडी होने का घमंड करना है..

331) बुद्धि जितनी मोटी, सड़क उतनी ही चौड़ी नज़र आती है..

332) जिनके पास काम के नाम होते हैं..उनके पास नाम के काम ही होते हैं..

333) एक अदद सवा-सेर से मिलने की ख्वाहिश,एक मुद्दत से मन में समाई है
इतना वक़्त निकल गया पर ,यह खोज आज तक मुक़म्मल न हो पाई है..

334) रहमत का महीना..है इबादत का महीना
कुरान की आमद का.. है रोजों का महीना
ये माहे रमजान..है सबाबों का महीना
मुबारक हो मेरे दोस्त ये बरकत का महीना

335) कल का क्या भरोसा .. जो करना है आज ही कर डालो |
आज का भी क्या भरोसा .. अभी करने पर ही जोर डालो |

336) प्रयोग विफल भले हो जाये - पर निष्फल कभी न जाने पाए..

337) हठ योग :
अभी चाहिए...सभी चाहिए

338) बरखा की फुहारों में घुला सा मौसम, है ताज़ा ताज़ा ...धुला सा मौसम,
थोड़ी खुशबू, ठंडक, और कुछ बूंदों से, रवां-दवाँ है आज मिला जुला सा मौसम !

 संभलने से पहले ..फिसलने की उलझन,
कमाने से पहले ..गंवाने की उलझन,
इब्तदा से पहले..नतीजे की उलझन,
जो दौड़े तो ..पहले पिछड़ने की उलझन,
...जो जीते तो..कुर्सी बचाने की उलझन,
यूँ जीने से पहले..है मरने की उलझन,
सुलझती नहीं है..ये जीवन की उलझन

340) The incomplete one-

आग़ाज़-ए-बयां बस हुआ ही था ..
मक्ता भी गया , मतला भी गया ..

जान लब-ए-दम ..लफ्ज़ लगें कम..
वक़्त भी मानो ..थम ही गया..

341) गाजर दिखा कर गधे को उल्लू बनाया जा सकता है ! अपने पास एक न एक गाजर अवश्य रखनी चाहिए.. 

342) चमक भी ऊपर, दमक भी ऊपर, सूरज ऊपर ही रहना है !
तुम क्या चुनते हो-तुम पर है, चुप रहना या कुछ कहना है !!

343) अपने घोड़े जीतते किसे नहीं भाते ..लेकिन इस खेल में चपल ही सफल होते हैं! गौर करें, नज़र रखें, विजेता से सीखें अवश्य!

344) अगर सही तार झंकृत हुए हैं तो संगीत भी ह्रदयस्पर्शी निकलेगा..और खुशियाँ फैलायेगा| 

345) (Old one) मुनासिब परवाज़ के लिए हवा का रुख देख कर पतंग छोडनी चाहिए.. 


600 days of @QThot ...Latest 81 QThot 's.

I posted this originally on Nov 6, 2011 here on Facebook.

Completing 600 days on @QThot account ..and that takes #QThot to a mindblowing 300+1.
Presenting the latest 81 QThot's (221 to 301) as below...As always - thanks for your patronage and support!!
221) Even a superbly able mentor can't(&won't) act in your place.A leader's ability to act by himself at the right moment sets him apart!

222) Marketing relies on successfully targeting customer's oversight!

223) Tolerance and Perseverance..are the two necessary traits for a do-gooder to steer past a thorn-prone path through tough periods!

224) It's easy to fool any number of people,provided there are enough of them.Targeted few fooled,rest follow!Avoid being one of them!

225) Wonderfully presented statistics prove to be a great means to mislead intelligent fools..Use to your advantage!

226) It's easy to retain demanding customers!Problems arise when they become non/less demanding.

227) There's often a master in a partnership unless there's a competition to be good amongst partners.Sharing a common goal is not enough.

228) Growing big?Remember two things:
1)Trust responsible and capable subordinates
2)Ensure each of them coordinates

229) Never part with character.

230) Humanity - the best barter!

231) Supporting "evil causes" causes Pandora's box to fill.If opened,it can't be quelled.Worse still,it affects whoever opens it.

232) No matter how dark are the days;
No matter what the world says;
Weathered and battered, unperturbed yet;
Strong core forever stays.

233) Social networking brings out the the genius and the critic in all of us -all before we realize, it happens!

234) Foresight, planning, execution and patience get things done.

235) Equations change when people know who you are and not the other way round!
Keep a tab on what's shared inter personally.

236) Bounty spoils.

237) A deceptive halo conceals where it's most shallow!

238) A basic rule..If you can't find ways to do it, find out someone who can.

239) If you are willing to improve, you will.

240) You just have to beat your immediate competitor-one at a time-to win a race. Plan step by step!

241) What's more valued?First hand solution OR Worst case remedy?

242) Be or not, loved; be loving!

243) It's your instinct that makes you distinct.
Be natural, for you are meant to be unique that way.

244) Great artists share perspectives.

245) Happy 100th anniversary of int'l women's day to all the lovely ladies out there.. You complete the world

246) Why broadcast when nobody is listening?
Try broadcast when nobody is listening!

247) Copy only the best;Keep original, the rest!

248) Faces painted in so many colors, putting rainbows to shame,
Though they all seem different,yet they are so same.

249) Learn to appreciate what you've got than worrying over what you've not.

250) Fail but never fall in a competition.

251) The rise is governed by the tenacity to stay put and move up.

252) There are failures and there is life..Choose wisely!

253) If good to someone happens through you,let it happen!Allow harmless goodness to prevail,the world needs it badly!

254) The likelihood of a person driving the car and owning it as well is inversely proportional to the price of the car.

255) Excellence lies in execution, not in processes.

256) Hundreds or thousands worth hundreds of thousands coz of the inverse proportion of the no. of charitable ppl with the charity amount.

257) An emergency is original usually..

258) I pray today that none of us are forced or compelled to like what a majority likes just because it doesn't have a voice of it's own.

259) ABC key of the day: Assumptions bias conclusions!

260) Ranks don't matter if one is truly counted upon!

261) However likely it may seem to be, but a smart-phone doesn't warrant smartness and a fast machine - speed.

262) Success is derived by the knowledge of 4S's:Of when to START,how to SUSTAIN,when to STOP and/or SWITCH over.

263) A moment captured is often missed living,could occasionally be relived for the rest of life but seldom live.
     #QThot says..Grab each passing moment with open heart, contribute and preserve.

264) Shared moments add to trust...

265) Whatever happens-happens for the best -Is true only in retrospect!

266) A shock is most novel..

267) A helping hand averts sinking sensation!

268) To my doting father, from your loving son..You're a star, the brightest one!

269) Jump high and run fast to obviate the high peaks and long plateaus encountered in the race for creative excellence!

270) A step towards righteousness -no matter how small- is a right step!
A deed of good -no matter how little- is a deed of God!

271) It's hard to un-sense what's sensed,at times needing the the combined faculty of all the other senses to avoid a likely harm!

272) No matter how famous it is, creativity dies a secluded death unless converted to an immortalized legacy!

273) At the end of the day, brands are - but - names!

274) If you don't intend to use it, don't keep your finger on the panic button!A timely press is too hard to come by!

275) Proudest of thoughts must be delivered with utmost of humility.

276) Randomness has this innate novelty which can spice up the monotony!
Better still, it can be generated on demand ;)

277) Any circle grows from the centre and shrinks to it!
It's imperative to have a strong central core.

278) Mediocrity inadvertently slips into judging genius..upon finding the latter uncommon,it tries to fit the new in an old mold!

279) Irony that the quest for excellence leads to satisfaction but kills pleasure in turn!

280) 1)A righteous step -no matter how small-is a right step!
2)A good deed -no matter how little-is a deed of God!

281) You do need peace of mind if it needs a piece of your mind!

282) It takes sense to put disjointed facts in context to make sense out of them! Unwarranted nonsense unwelcome anytime!

283) How to be successful as a critic or critique-
1)Involve two eyes-artistic and analytic!
2)Know which one to blink and when.

284) One simple yet incredible rule to make this world a better place - Never let a good thing end at you!

285) Whatever stays back in mind unchanged is often mind changing!

286) Always look out for a dumb customer and a dumb employee.. One runs the business while the other ruins it

287) At the end of the day..the onus is On Us to live life head held high,leading it unapologetically-to oneself and to others!

289) True success lies in surviving through failures..Moving ahead comes later!

290) To hold it in hand, you have to wet the sand!
Applicable anywhere?

291) Success begins with an 'i'. To the man with the iPower-The ever inspiring inventor and innovator-The iLegend lives on.
Keep innovating - Keep inventing! In Peace!

292) Science is art defined..Art is science refined!

293) What can't be sourced..mustn't be enforced! Avoid unrest...

294) Life's all about live some, you leave some!
Live your dreams or leave dreaming..

295) Waste misused is nature abused..

296) Effortless quest never ends in disappointment..

297) Each passing day inadvertently adds to the experience,not skills.So,be proud of skills,not experience!

298) Our existence is a proof of His!

299) Human intervention imparts a character to everything..Catch hold of the character to govern the traits.

300) Ego and charity mustn't be related..

301) Light within reflects outside..

Waiting for your feedback!!

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